Our Travel Together Guidelines

Embrace the Space 🧳

Board our vehicles with a sense of purpose, and as you do, proceed towards the back with your belongings. This methodical approach not only facilitates a quicker boarding process but also ensures that the aisles remain unobstructed. An orderly environment is paramount for a swift and safe journey. By stowing your items properly under the seats or in designated compartments, you contribute to the collective well-being and efficiency of our travel community.

Dress for the Occasion 👕👟

Your choice of attire plays a crucial role in the travel experience. Donning appropriate clothing, including shirts and shoes, is not only a requirement but a shield against the elements and an expression of personal respect for fellow passengers. Similarly, we encourage the containment of food and beverages within sealed vessels. This small act of consideration helps prevent accidents and maintains the cleanliness of the space we share.

A Breath of Fresh Air 🍃

Our commitment to maintaining a clean and wholesome atmosphere is unwavering. To this end, we ensure that the air within our vehicles is free from pollutants such as tobacco, vape emissions, and alcohol fumes. This dedication to a pure environment supports the well-being of all passengers and creates a sanctuary of clarity and freshness as we traverse the roads ahead.

A Community of Courtesy 🤝

In our shared journey, respect is the currency that enriches our experience. We extend a warm welcome to service animals who assist our passengers, while mythical creatures and conflicts are best left behind. Engaging with one another in a friendly and considerate manner, and refraining from bringing any form of weapon onboard, reinforces a culture of safety and mutual respect.

Drive and Thrive 🚦

Just as a captain steers a ship with focus and dedication, our drivers navigate the intricate pathways of our routes. We ask that passengers allow them the peace and concentration required for this task. By minimizing distractions, you play a part in ensuring that our journey is not only successful but also serene.

Tech in Check 🎧

In an age where technology is an extension of ourselves, we invite you to enjoy your devices responsibly. Use headphones to contain your entertainment within your personal auditory space, ensuring that each passenger can relish their own moments of quiet or personal enjoyment without intrusion.

Mask Up, Move Forward 😷

As we navigate these times together, wearing a mask aboard our vehicles is an emblem of your commitment to communal health and safety. It not only protects you but also those around you, acting as a barrier against the spread of illness and allowing us all to look forward with confidence to our shared destinations.

A Symphony of Service

We're not just a service; we're your daily lifeline to the places you need to be. LHC is your reliable buddy, ensuring that no appointment is missed and every errand is run with precision and care. Our doors open to a world of punctuality and comfort, thanks to our dedicated drivers who navigate the roads with a smile.

Explore the local landscapes of commerce with our free shopping routes. From Abington to Chester, we connect you to the hubs of trade and treasure. Our commitment is our roadmap, guiding you through towns and counties with ease and reliability.

Your Comfort, Our Canvas

Every trip with LHC is a note in the melody of your day. We're here to harmonize with your schedule, providing a backdrop of safety and dependability. Our drivers are the conductors, ensuring each passenger's experience is a crescendo of satisfaction.

At LHC, every seat is a stroke of comfort in the masterpiece of your journey. We paint each route with the brush of convenience, crafting a ride that's as pleasant as it is punctual. Whether you're traveling to the office, the airport, or your own front door, consider LHC your mobile haven, a place where comfort and care coalesce to create an unparalleled travel experience.

Together, We Ride

Every day, we journey together, sharing moments, destinations, and experiences. At LHC, every passenger is an essential part of our moving community. We invite you to join us on the road, where every journey weaves a new story in the tapestry of LHC Transport Services.